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California Style BBQ
California has been known for many great things; great beaches, farming, and forestry, but BBQ has never been one of them.

Yet, California BBQ has a very rich history rooted in California's central coast region, specifically, Santa Maria, California. Santa Maria BBQ began in the mid-19th century when local ranchers would celebrate the end of long cattle drives by hosting large Spanish style feasts for their ranch hands.  These feasts always consisted of bottom sirloin 'Tri-Tip' that was slow smoked in an open pit with California coast-live oak wood.  

California coast-live oak, also known as 'Red Oak' is one of the few oaks that thrive in a coastal environment and can only be found in California's Central Coast Region.  The abundance of California sunshine and clean coastal air creates a wood bark that burns clean while giving a delicate smokiness that is uniquely Californian. 

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